Alex "Crankshaft" Larson, is "one of those old fashioned showmen who can actually deliver." - Hymies Records. His style is heavily rooted in rock 'n' roll, blues, country, and soul, that "could not have been imagined prior to the early punk scene," as described by Dig In Magazine. Crankshaft is "one of the best and most interesting roots, rock and blues acts playing around town these days." - Cities 97. Rock solid original material, dedicated fans, and his 21st century twist on the American roots have pushed him near the top of the crowded Minneapolis music scene.

Booking & Press Info

Friday, March 31st, 7pm
Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders
Norm's Wayside Rest
Buffalo, MN


Tuesday, April 4th, 8:30pm
Crankshaft (solo)
331 Club
Minneapolis, MN


Saturday, April 8th, 8:30pm
Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders
Jumpin' Jack's
Weber, MN


Tuesday, April 11th, 8:30pm
Crankshaft (solo)
331 Club
Minneapolis, MN


Friday, April 14th, 9pm
Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders
Nakato Bar and Grill
North Mankato, MN


Saturday, April 15th, 7:30pm
Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders
Goat Ridge Brewing
New London, MN


Tuesday, April 18th, 8:30pm
Crankshaft (solo)
331 Club
Minneapolis, MN


Friday, April 21st, 8:30pm
Crankshaft (solo)
Boulder Lodge
Cedar, MN


Tuesday, April 25th, 8:30pm
Crankshaft (solo)
331 Club
Minneapolis, MN


Thursday, May 11th
Crankshaft (solo) + Bocephus Wayne
The Cellar
Keokuk, IA


Friday, May 12th
Crankshaft (solo) + Billy Skelton
San Loo
St. Louis, MO


Saturday, May 13th, 5pm
Crankshaft (solo)
JJ's Grill
Fayetteville, AR


Sunday, May 14th
TBD, Oklahoma


Sunday, May 21st, 1pm
Crankshaft (solo)
Art-A-Whirl Weekend!
331 Club
Minneapolis, MN


Sunday, May 28th, 5pm
Crankshaft (solo)
Memory Lanes Blockparty!
Memory Lanes
Minneapolis, MN


Wednesday, May 31st, 4pm
Crankshaft (solo)
Live on 90.3FM KFAI Radio
Minneapolis, MN


Wednesday, May 31st, 7pm
Crankshaft (solo)
331 Club
Minneapolis, MN


Friday, June 9th, 7pm
Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders
Albertville Friendly City Days
Albertville, MN


Saturday, June 10th
Private Party


Sunday, June 11th
Private Party


Sunday, July 9th, 7pm
Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders
George Green Park
Anoka, MN


Friday, July 14th, 7pm
Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders
Riversong Music Festival
Hutchinson, MN


Thursday, July 20th
Private Party


Saturday, July 22nd, 6pm
Crankshaft (solo)
Lowertown Blues Festival
St.Paul, MN


Thursday, July 27th, 7pm
Crankshaft (solo)
Anoka County Fair
Anoka, MN


Saturday, July 29th
8:30pm-9pm & 10pm-Midnight
Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders
Elko Speedway
Elko, MN


Saturday, August 19th, Noon-2pm
Crankshaft (solo)
Rat Rod Resurrection
Harris, MN


Thursday, August 24th, 5pm
Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders
Alive After 5
Mankato, MN




10-5-2016 --- I'm headed your way East Coast, get ready for some Upper Mississippi Pork Neck Boogie!

6-2-2016 --- I'm happy to announce that I'll be opening for the one and only George Thorogood on Wednesday, July 20th at the Minnesota Zoo! I couldn't believe it when the news came in, I'm so stoked!

2-7-2016 --- I received an awesome review for my new album from writer Fred Mills of Blurt Magazine! Fred was chief editor of Harp Magazine in the early 2000's which was sighted by critics and fans as the Mojo magazine of the United States. (review)


Discography --- Past releases going back to 2009
Old News --- Little blurps from the past
Past Performances --- When was that?!


Tied to the World Behind Me
Released November, 2015

14 Original Songs
I Can't Take It (music video)
Gotta Run
Let Me Be
The Right Dress
Eatin' Chili
Loose Cannon
We're On Fire
Any Other Way (music video)
Boxed and Charred
Fit For Flyin'
Made To Race

Vinyl or CD (Includes S&H)

What You Gonna Do?
Released February, 2013

12 Original Songs
When the Sun Goes Down
Dancin' In The Dirt
Trail Of Tears
Kingpin (music video)
I Wanna Play
Waiting For Me (music video)
Earthquake Shake
Let Me Love You
Don't Leave
Fill It Up (music video)
Barkin' Up The Wrong Tree

Vinyl or CD (Includes S&H)




"Tied to the World Behind Me" album review - 12/22/2015 -

One of those from-out-of-the-blue records, Tied to the World Behind Me is only the third full-length from Minneapolis roots-rocker Larson but it carries the unmistakable scent of a performer who can claim “veteran” status without any hint of hubris. Where did this cat come from and why haven't we heard of him before now? More to the point: what are YOU gonna do now that you've heard of him? He is unquestionably the real deal, and although he's touted as a big deal on the Twin Cities blues scene, that's far too limiting a description. Larson has his toes dipped into multiple genres, from the aforementioned blues, boogie, soul and funk to full-tilt indie rock and just plain unhinged garage stomp. (read more)
By - Fred Mills


"What You Gonna Do?" Hymies Top Ten Records of 2013 - 12/28/2013 -

Crankshaft's the real deal. He's one quarter honky tonk, one quarter rockabilly, and one quarter rhythm and blues. The last quarter is pure @#%ing awesome. When he sings “there won't be a dog asleep in this town” there's no reason to doubt it — His act is filled with swagger and smarm in just the right proportions. What You Gonna Do? leans a little towards the hotel lounge acts from the seventies we love to feature here on the Hymie's blog when their records turn up, mostly in that it tries to showcase a wide variety. The thing is that Crankshaft is one of those old fashioned showmen who can actually deliver — want a little heavy blues? Gotcha. Want to hold your sweetheart for the next number? Gotcha (check out “Waiting for Me” for a little closing time pull at your heartstrings). Want to hear a song about a guy filling up a Cadillac with cement? Gotcha.

Yeah, there's that too. Who else could write “Fill it Up,” probably the funnest song to come out of Minnesota this year, and then produce and direct an even funnier video?! (read more)


Alex "Crankshaft" Larson interview - 7/18/2013 -

I already knew Crankshaft was an engaging performer, just last month, I watched him tear through a set at Bunker's in front of a whooping crowd, his black, slicked-back hair flying through the air as he assaulted his guitar. But what I didn't realize was that he's also quite insightful and charming off stage, and he speaks eloquently about everything from the roots of punk rock to his hometown of St. Francis, Minnesota. (read more)
- by Andrea Swensson


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